"I’ve volunteered here for 2 years. I know every single dog."

"The best part of volunteering here is simply being able to work with these dogs and seeing them get adopted."

In some ways, dogs are a lot like people but they’re better. I just thought so unfair they can’t really decide whether they get to have a home or someone to love them, so I want to provide something for them the best I can.”

We picked up Belle in the middle of June and I can’t even think about what life was like before she came home with us! She is constantly giving us kisses, nipping at our feet, and being the joy of our lives. She was diagnosed two weeks ago with megaesophagus which means that she has a hard time swallowing food. The doctors told us she would probably have to be put down but we weren’t giving up that easily! She has made a full 360 since then! Belle is back to her playful, cute self!!”

In March of 2008, Pai-long was found chained up and abandoned at a construction site in Nam-Yang-Ju, South Korea. CARE, a South Korean rescue organization, took care of Pai-long for 2 years, but was never adopted.  In 2010, CARE’s sister organization based here in Los Angeles, Happy Angels Dog Rescue, flew her over to LA and worked to find her a forever home. Enter, my husband and I. 

Now, almost three years later, we can’t imagine our lives without her. She brings so much joy to our lives, and although she can’t talk to us in human language, we know that she loves us and has bonded with us in a deep way. 

"What brought you here today?"

"Today is my son’s tenth birthday and he’s been begging me for a dog for a surprising time so I surprised him and didn’t go to work and we came and said we’ll find him a dog at the shelter as a birthday gift."

"How did you come to meet Buck?"

"I actually had adopted his mother first. His mother had some reactivity problems and issues with dogs and people. In able to help that, I thought maybe tracking down her son would help. I went through different rescues to find him, and as soon as they saw each other, it was just love at first sight, they were just cuddling each other. And I was like… I’m gonna have to get this dog.”

Right now I’m walking dogs and she’s the most ill-behaved out of all of them even though she is the smallest. She’ll literally bark at Labs and they’ll cower in fear.”

"When I found out how bad puppy mills are, we joined the French Bulldog Rescue Network, so we volunteer for that. Right now, I can’t foster any dogs, but I go and do home visits for prospective parents. But they go to shelters, and they’ll rescue Frenchies and rescue them to help find them their ‘forever homes."